1. Telegram bot template: Template and instructions to start a new Telegram bot, using Python and Docker.

  2. Spotify lyrics bot: Telegram bot to get the lyrics of what you’re currently listening to on Spotify.

  3. VSCO downloader bot: Telegram bot to download pictures from VSCO. I wrote a blog post about it.

  4. Torito: Simple Telegram bot to ease my friends into captioning my fav gif. Running instance at @Torito_bot

  5. prom2teams: Alert mapper betwen Prometheus and Microsoft Teams. Worked on it while at idealista.

  6. Bot ontologico: Natural language generator model trained using Jean-Paul Sartre works, running as a Twitter bot.

  7. Minimal users management service: Simple CRUD operations over a users database using Typescript, TypeORM, and GraphQL.

  8. Codewars katas: All my solved problems from the training page

  9. Technews-bot: Bot to keep you informed of relevant tech news based on your interests.

  10. Toom nook: Bot helping to keep personal financial control. Soon receiving bill pictures as valid input.

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